Mole, Vole and Shrew Removal In Central NY

MoleWhen moles, voles and shrews are destroying your lawn and landscape, Captor Wildlife Removal will provide effective trapping methods and a removal program customized for any type of home, camp or dwelling throughout the central New York area.

Are these creatures wreaking havoc on your lawn causing damage to the root system of your grass and ruining the look of your yard?

The first step to removing these unwanted creatures is to identify what type of ground-burrowing critter you are up against.

Moles, voles and shrews most commonly start their digging in the months of March – May, and again in September – November. Moles seeking their primary food source, earthworms, can dig up to 15 feet of tunnels in your lawn. Then comes along the vole and shrew using the mole tunnel as a highway into your landscape. Even without the moles help, voles and shrews are capable diggers on their own. Shrews in search of bugs to eat can be in the landscape but will also gain access into buildings using the mouse’s holes. Shrews are sometimes confused with moles. Voles are vegetarians and will feast on the grass in your lawn or your favorite flowers! Voles also have a nasty habit of destroying your favorite shrubs by chewing around the base, known as girdling. The best way to handle mole, vole and shrew removal is with a concentrated trapping and habitat modification program. Captor Wildlife can provide one tailored just for your needs throughout the central New York area.