Captor Wildlife Removal Services

With years of experience Bob Meakin of Captor Wildlife Removal Services Can help you Solve any wildlife and rodent problems in your home.

After you call we’ll come to your property and identify exactly whats going on. We want to be sure of the kind of animal it is, and how it’s getting in. From Here We outline a plan to get the animals out clean up.

Our Wildlife Removal Process is Simple

  • Properly Identify the Animal
  • Learn where they Come in
  • Get the Animals Out (Clean up)
  • Repair any Damage Caused by Wildlife
  • Eliminate Entrance Points

Never feel you have an odd or silly wildlife problem, instead contact Captor at 315-495-5561 to discuss and learn how Captor Wildlife can provide the best solution. Captor Wildlife Removal serves all of Central New York, the Mohawk Valley and in between and beyond!

We’re Here To Help You With Wildlife Removal