Bat Removal and Control In Central NY

Bat removalIf you’re dealing with bat infestation in the home or other building, Captor Wildlife can help! We handle all types of bat removal in the central New York area, and secure your home, camp, or other structure. Once the bats are removed they stay out.

Even after securing the home or structure on your own (windows, cracks, removing air conditioning units, are the bats still getting in?

The most common type of bat using attics for roosting and nursery colonies in upstate New York is the Little Brown. Like in many cases of rodent infestation, it could be only a few bats using the structure, but sometimes there may be colonies of several hundred in homes and dwellings. Little Browns can enter through very small spaces, especially in the months between May and September when we see infestations at their peak. These infestations can result in lingering odors that will overtake a home or business from where they are roosting. Also these odors will attract more bats to the building, and can become a serious health risk.

Captor Wildlife removes bats from attic spaces and other upper areas of a building using safe and efficient methods and we seal off all points of entry ensuring bats do not get back in. We know how valuable bats are, as they play a vital role as nature's own pest control experts for night-flying insects. Captor Wildlife is the number one choice for bat removal in central New York. Our bat removal methods are professional, humane and 100% effective.