About Captor Wildlife Removal Services

Bob Meakin, Captor Owner

In 1989 Bob Meakin started Captor Wildlife Services Inc. in response to inquiries to remove woodchucks from gardens and under sheds.

From that humble beginning to the present Captor Wildlife Services handles all types of wildlife from bats, birds, beaver, chipmunks, mice, moles, muskrats, raccoons, shrews, skunks, squirrels, and, of course, woodchucks.

Removal of Problem Wildlife is Only Part of Our Services

Our customer assistance includes education, consultation, property inspections, damage repairs, and exclusions. Foremost is Bob Meakin's attention to the prevention of wildlife conflicts.

Never feel you have an odd or silly wildlife problem. Instead, contact us to find out how Captor Wildlife can provide the best solution. Captor Wildlife's service area includes all of Central New York, the Mohawk Valley, and beyond!

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Call Captor Wildlife Services, Inc. if you need wildlife removed from your home, camp, or dwelling to ensure your home is fully secure. We will remove, prevent and control wildlife infestations.