Raccoon Removal & Control in Central NY

raccoonWhen raccoons choose an area inside or around your home as their denning site, they can cause serious damage. If you’re looking to a solution to this type of wildlife problem, we can help. Captor Wildlife provides safe and humane raccoon removal from homes, camps and other dwellings throughout central New York.

Have you checked the areas around your home and cleaned up all the garbage and still have a raccoon problem?

They may inhabit a tree hole, fallen log, or a house’s attic. They may have gotten into your walls destroying your insulation or using the area as their toilet. Raccoons also use fireplaces as nest sites. Raccoon problems are especially prevalent in January - March and then again in June – September. No matter where they are or how they got there, Captor Wildlife has the solution to your raccoon problems. We provide humane raccoon removal, and assess the damage they’ve already caused and can prevent future raccoon problems.