Skunk Removal in Central NY

SkunkWhen you have a skunk living near your home, camp or other structure it can be a real nuisance. When they’re living under your porch and spraying and you’re not sure how to get rid of them, call Captor Wildlife for humane skunk removal and prevention.

Are you afraid of you or your pet stumbling across a skunk that’s living on your property and getting sprayed?

We not only remove skunks, but we prevent them from using your property. They most commonly nest under decks, porches, and sheds. Captor Wildlife can install an exclusion barrier around the perimeter of these areas so that they can't crawl under. And of course, we will implement tactics so that skunks are no longer attracted to your property. If you need professional help with skunk removal, prevention Captor Wildlife can help.

Skunks can be an issue all year, but infestation tends to be heaviest in February – March and then again in June – October.  Skunk spray causes no damage, but the smell can linger for many days. The skunk uses this as its defense. The best method is to trap and remove the skunks from the area. Skunk trapping can be tricky, and Captor Wildlife has the expertise to deal humanely with skunk removal throughout the central New York area.